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Recommendations of Silvio Napoli At Schindler India Case Study Help

RecommendationsOn the basis of above internal and external analysis of the business in addition to the evaluation of various options, the company is advised to think about alternative 3. As alternative 3 would enable the company to expand in worldwide markets without any reduction in its local profits and any degeneration of its market position. By considering Alternative 3, the business could maintain its store experience and brand originality. It might also think about alternative 2 that could allow the company to access the markets without any potential investment. The company might pursue alternative 1 which would make it possible for the business to focus on prospective international markets rather than the local markets however as the business is extremely dependent on the local markets with 90% of its shops in the US, there fore pursuing option 1 would result in the considerable decline in company's profits. The company is recommended to think about alternative 3.

Aletrnative-1: Expanding International Brick and Recommendations of Silvio Napoli At Schindler India Case Help Stores

International SegmentsGrowth towards worldwide markets through opening brand-new shops in other Europe and Asian countries with closing domestic stores is although a good option for increasing the worldwide presence of the business. The closing of domestic shops could extremely impact the revenues of the company as above 90% of its stores are located domestically and closing those shops would eventually minimize the profits of the company. The business has a long term market position in US which can not be produced quickly in the brand-new markets. The alternative would assist the business to broaden in worldwide markets together with the removal of problems raised in its local markets associated with its variety. The pros and Cons for Alternative 1 are listed below;


• Expedition of brand-new international markets.
• Increase in revenue from global markets.
• Elimination of issues connected to diversity.
• Profits diversity.
• Action towards being a strong worldwide brand.


• Loss of substantial profits from the local markets.
• Increase in competition.
• Distinctions in cultures might led to a failure of the brand name particularly in Asian countries.
• Low revenues at preliminary levels.
• Increase in marketing expenditures to gain market share.

Alternative-2: Introduction of Click and Recommendations of Silvio Napoli At Schindler India Case Solution Stores

With the increased trends towards online shopping, the online shops like Amazon, Alibaba and so on might posture an extreme risk to the market share of business. In this scenario the business might think about presenting Click and Recommendations of Silvio Napoli At Schindler India Case Help shops. These stores with a low requirement of funds to settle would allow the business to reach global markets, without ending its domestic shops.


• Low investment
• Lowering competition threat
• Access to the world markets
• Increasing the size of consumer base
• Easy to manage
• Large Profits
• Low Operating Costs
• Easy new market entrance


• Danger to the marketplace position
• Removal of brand Individuality
• Elimination of the fantastic store experience.
• Danger of decrease in elite sales.

Alternative-3: Expansion towards International Markets Without closing Domestic Stores

Another option that the business might think about, is to expand towards the worldwide markets without closing its domestic shops that contributes to the huge part of profits of the company. The pros and cons associated with Alternative 3 are given below;


• Minimizing competition risk
• Access to the world markets
• Expanding customer base
• Large Revenues
• Expedition of brand-new worldwide markets.
• Increase in profits from international markets.
• Profits diversity.
• Step towards being a strong international brand name.


• Extension of problems connected to diversity.
• Distinctions in cultures might caused a failure of the brand especially in Asian countries.
• Low incomes at preliminary levels.
• Boost in marketing expenses to acquire market share.

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