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Porter's 5 Forces analysis of Bank Of Tokyo Case Study Solution

Porter's 5 Forces AnalysisA Porter's 5 Forces analysis of Bank Of Tokyo Case Help might be performed to create numerous strategies using the strengths of the business to avail opportunities, get rid of weak points and to minimize the threats. It could likewise be used to assess that how specific weaknesses withstand specific opportunities and increase the hazards. The methods drafted using the Porter's 5 Forces analysis of Bank Of Tokyo Case Analysis are given as follows;
• Utilization of strong global brand name position and funds in broadening towards possible markets.
• Unique brand experience could help out the company to much better position itself in new markets.
• Resistance in growth in the prospective international markets motivating variety.
• High prices restricts the expansion in different Asian and African countries with low per capita income.
• Strong brand name acknowledgment, non-traditional ways of marketing and the distinct brand experience could be made use of to lower the risk from potential clients.
• Strict appearance policies might led to the consumer shift towards Victoria with high social duty.
• Restricted target markets might caused a decrease in the total market share of the company.
These techniques could assist the company to improvise its market position and be at the leading position in the market.

Financial Analysis

Monetary analysis for Porter's 5 Forces analysis of Bank Of Tokyo Case Analysis could be conducted to examine the schedule of funds to the business that might be used in growth towards global markets. The financial position of the company might be assessed by using the information given up the case Exhibition 1. The ratios that could be considered in monetary performance analysis are given in the Table 1 below;

From the above Table 1, it might be seen that the company has an affordable financial efficiency with a ROE of 7.9% and a high sales growth of 18.4%. A 4.3% net profit margin does not appears to be potential and the company must put efforts in increasing its earnings along with lowering its operational costs to increase its earnings margins.

Porter's 5 Forces analysis of Bank Of Tokyo Case Analysis


Many of the business's Brick and Mortar stores are located in US including above 500 stores in practically each of the state of United States. The business has also a worldwide existence in 8 various nations with its highest number of stores located in United Kingdom i.e. 21. The companyhas a total of 54 shops in global markets that is probably the 10% of its shops in the US.


The business targets its clothes brand to the young, tall and good-looking teens and kids that are considered to be cool. This targeting policy is accountable for different distinctions in the business connected to its rivals. The business works with great looking guys and females for its stores and follows a rigorous appearance policy to maintain attraction of good-looking people towards its stores and offer a distinct brand name experience.


The company has placed its brand as a high-end brand name targeting just a specific market segment. The business with its non-traditional ways of marketing through designs and representatives posters its brand name image as a high-end clothes brand name targeted to the cool and attractive personalities in society. This market position brings in numerous elite individuals towards the brand name however it harms the business's position in various neighborhoods focused at the equality in society.

External Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Porter's 5 Forces analysis of Bank Of Tokyo Case Help faces a lot of competitors in the market with the existence of various number of rivals in the market. Gap is also considered to be a possible competitor in regional as well as in international; markets as the company is thinking about to shift in the worldwide markets.

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